Cosy up.


Darlings, ” the North wind doth blow and we shall have snow, and what will poor Robin do then?”

( and  anyone daft enough to brave the arctic conditions at the East Wing) It is already cold enough inside to see ones breath and we’ve had two duvets and a dog on the bed for months. My husband resembles the homeless and wears more to bed than to go out. Absolute passion killer, as are the flannelette sheets he insists upon. It has the sexiness of a care home.
That aside when the girls come home I don’t want them to freeze so I’ve been adding duvets and blankets in tartan and cheer to give the illusion of warmth. Bulk buying hotwater bottles next!

We ordered the tree yesterday so ” it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Some of you lucky lucky chaps already have snow!  I’m keeping everything crossed. Unless they drop off before then from frostbite .

Note to self. Must start wearing gloves to bed.

And maybe a balaclava





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