Feathered friends

Darlings , Monday. We made it. After an indulgent weekend it was touch and go.

My hangover lasted 24 hours so today has been an improvement on yesterday . Doesn’t my lovely Ric look fabulous in his feathers?!!! As we were dining on pheasant it seemed fitting to come to dinner with a feathery flourish! So creative. The darling also came with a pair of curtains that he’d just run up for yours truly . We all need a Ric! His other half is equally talented .the gorgeous Matthew. I am blessed. ( and looking forward to fancy bows and Christmas wreaths!) splendid . 

The dining table and some drunk old broad posing up a storm. Me not Rosie.  
Ric , Rosie and Fred the Pheasant looking rather worried. 

Dinner party casualties . 

The morning after the night before. Coming down to face the music and the dishwasher.

As granny used to say ” gay nights make for sad mornings”

I’m feeling all Nanette Newman. My hands haven’t left the sink.


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