Mag hag.


Darlings, I can’t tell you how dreadful the weather is. Absolute misery. Naturally ones husband is miles away so the wet dog walks and shivering belong to me. Vile. I bet he’s not wet through and stinking of dog in Welwyn Garden City! My geography isn’t up to much but I believe it’s in Hertford, Hereford or Hampshire . Where hurricanes hardly hever happen.

I’m going to bundle myself up in all of his jumpers and sink my teeth into a pile of Christmas magazines.These things don’t come cheap. Totting up the total so far could have paid for lunch. I don’t mind avoiding the glossies all year round but in the festive run up I do a supermarket sweep and by up the lot! I am a mag hag.
I don’t feel guilty as this is a necessary briefing into another fascinating recipe for curried turkey and where to buy monogrammed loo roll for the man in your life.

Now, you wouldn’t want my beloved to be disappointed on Christmas morn now would you?


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