In the soup.


Good morning darlings, ” in the soup” should be titled ” in the guest room ” My husband doesn’t get on very well with vegetables or pulses en masse and I am without a gas mask. ( adds it to Christmas list)
The struggle is real. Tug as I may on these blasted jeans they are not going to fasten. Don’t get me lying on a bed with a coat hanger , I’m too long in the tooth to suffer for fashion. It’s bloat. Booze bloat. As it was our wedding anniversary yesterday there was rather a lot of Champs to quaff . I did my best . I refused pudding for balance.
Today will be mainly spent drinking water, eating melon and making soup. I lead a very dull life.

Even this desperate housewife can wield a stick blender. Think of it as a power tool and stand back. I’m sure our neighbour thinks we have workmen in. No one can eat that much soup.


Sling anything in soup.
Far nicer than anything regimented. Usually with a surprise at the bottom where the stick blender missed.

Empty your veg drawer and your cupboards and add herbs and spices .
My first attempt had the standard carrot, celery onion mix with peppers, a tin of tomatoes, a tin of beans and a tin of tarka dhal . Surprisingly good! I stuck some oven cooked sausages in it for good measure.

My second even had lettuce in it as I was emptying the fridge drawer. Salad tomatoes, veg and half a bag of red lentils and a tin of tomatoes left bubbling for half an hour was delicious .

Thank goodness we have a guest room .


2 thoughts on “In the soup.

  1. I found it!! Can’t wait to read all of it!! So glad you anniversary celebration was fabulous!! I love getting to know you across the miles- thousands of them!!

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