Not Nigella


Hello darlings, fashion is one thing but food fashion is quite another. Like everything else it has it’s moment. When that moment comes the market will be saturated until we are all sick to the back teeth of it.
Vegan is in, I’m getting a t shirt made with ” my daughter’s a vegan” printed on it. She is by the way.
I’m quite certain it has it’s health benefits as well as the kindness factor but when dear old Nigella tries to tempt us with a vegan cake it’s time to chuck the chia seeds!
It’s the end of the world as we know it.
What next?
She’ll be showing us how to make avocado toast .image

I for one have ALWAYS loved Nigella, a fellow curvy/greedy girl and a bit of a sauce pot to boot.( her obvs) Now we are both thinner I wonder if one loses some of that appeal? One thing’s for sure, it certainly makes my nose look bigger! Gah!
Bring back simple and sumptuous please and lose the trendy fodder. There are enough people out there doing it better ( I’m talking to you Jamie Oliver)
Jumping on the bandwagon is all well and good but to lose ones core followers and fellow fridge raiders may be a goji berry too far. X


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