What the Flack?


Darlings, it appears one has a fixation with dear old Flackers. No I am not a teenage boy although we do share the same taste it slightly grubby girls. I’m decidedly grubby most of the time. Rarely do I take off my make up before bed and more often than not drag on yesterday’s clothes from a pile on the chair. Who doesn’t?
What I would give for C.F’s legs, NO they are not bandy. Well not much and they do look marvellous in a pair of shorts . Ms. Flack is a High St. girl through and through and when she does splash the cash for something a little pricier it still looks H.S.


It starts off so well… imageimage

Then it ends up in a kebab shop minus ones shoes.

Yup. Still love her and will be on the prowl for a tuxedo dress to go with my kebab. X


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