Kiss the frog

Some days don’t you just wish you could crawl back to bed and start again? Yup. The day the airing cupboard rained was one of those days. Not just one leak but two. Decades of linen collections ruined. Yes, I’ve tried everything. Patterns, dye , lace and leaks do not mix. Bleach baths perished my treasures and most ended up in the bin.

Meet John.

This man was worth his weight in gold! Gold I tell you. Usually with tradesmen ( especially living in an old house) I get that sound. That sharp intake of breath where they suck air through their teeth whilst shaking their head. Not John. John didn’t clear off never to be seen again. He fixed it. There and then .

Gold star! 🌟👍

I won’t let my loss of linen get me down, it will be a perfect excuse to start new and more wonderful collections. In fact some darling strawberry embroidered napkins have already been ordered! 

To cheer a girl up the very best thing is to receive something in the post. ( not in a brown envelope obviously )

First it was some snail mail from a shiny and new friend from Instagram , so thoughtful and charming.

Then a parcel from Charmajesty!! 

What heavenly post!!

Charmajesty is the dream!!! I adore it all!! My handsome husband had ordered some darling pyjamas with little green frogs. Bliss .

They fit perfectly and one was having rather a Doris Day moment. Too wholesome for words.

I wonder if they do a pair to fit Panda? 😘 



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