Pillow talk

Darlings , spring has sprung. Spring cleaning has begun and one has come over all Doris Day. Nothing short of a calamity 😘.

A girl has better things to do than paint roses round the door and fluff pillows. Yet, a woman’s touch ..

Can weave a spell.

Oh gosh almighty! We even have the same taste in china!

I digress.

Today darlings  the question is:

To chop or not to chop?

We are not talking about supper. Maybe it’s all the international interior magazines I have been filling my pretty little head with ? Or even the tv channels from across the pond perhaps. Even English girls want to try something new once in a while.

Not often. One prefers familiarity to the unknown and the only fizz comes in a bottle. I know, I know. Too dull for words.

Today Matthew I am going to be Bruce Lee! I shall karate chop the cushions pretending they are holidaying in Barbados . 

Of course there is a jolly good chance that in my English country home this will look naffer than naff.

If that’s the case then a spaniel with a fat bottom will quickly turn them back into flat squashed and less interesting shapes .


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