This old thing?


Darlings, winter has taken it’s toll and is dragging on a bit. So much so one has been spring cleaning.
One project this year is a dressing room.
For me.
It won’t be shared.
I hope you’re listening darling? Across the pond the gorgeous and glamorous American girls have had walk in closets for years!!! Us poor Brits have had to put up with cramped overstuffed wardrobes and sticking drawers . Well, before Ikea or for the Ikea haters ( my husband and I).

Rifling through my crammed offering attempting to streamline and purge it was very soon apparent that there was little to remove . Why? Am I a hoarder? A little . Is it dated? Debatable. I am not Carrie Bradshaw. Fashion is only a nod. I do not buy for the sake of it and now in my 40s my style is honed. I’m happy with looking the same when most would find it dull I find comfort in a familiar uniform.
I know what works for me.
Our lovely Kate ( Duchess of Cambridge) is a hoarder. This lady has the worlds fashion at her fingertips yet she has outfits on repeat . Good. If she likes something and it suits her how miserable to leave it behind for something fresh that may not quite as well .


Repeat repeat repeat .
If something works keep it! If it doesn’t sling it!!! ( I’m talking to you you hideous L.K Bennett wedges that do NOT go with everything)

K.M and I do have one thing in common. It is not necessary to wear something the instant it is bought. If you love it you will still love it a season or two later when everyone else has moved on to something else.
Unless one is a fashion plate and must be super current this trick stops the embarrassment of bumping into someone in the same outfit .

This has only happened to me once. It was my 18th birthday and I was wearing a white strapless full skirted Laura Ashley dress.

You live and learn .image


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