Shiver me timbers

Darlings Mrs. Lee has been a very naughty girl. So wrapped up in life and family that one has forgotten to take the time to blog. This will change.


No more burying ones head in a cashmere jumper and hibernating! This is a New Year and we must grab it by the balls and make it fabulous!!


Do I hear YES!! The best is yet to come. Spend your valuable time on things you love! Family, books, food, travel. Don’t waste it on trivialities and worrying about what others may think of you. They are too busy thinking of themselves.

New Year new you? Well apart from the mince pie chin and the mourning for a festive snowball cocktail pick me up one thoroughly enjoyed Christmas and all it’s excess. There will be no faddy diets or detoxification.
January without a drink?
Shudder the thought.

Enjoy the New Year and all it brings.



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