My rock


Darlings, I may have just won the award for crappiest card! Oh dear. The thought was there . Before you nod in agreement let me explain . Firstly, he is my rock! Steady, reliable , safe, solid . (And handsome!!!! ) We holiday in Rock and we absolutely adore Rock. The place. ( Cornwall)
Although some of the music isn’t too terrible either.

My husband and I have just celebrated another wedding anniversary and spent a wonderful day together . A luxury . Make time for each other.

A house filled with roses.


Plenty of Champs, and lobster tagliatelle .


Who could ask for anything more?

Well… Maybe jewellery

Lobster linguine!!!

( we used 3 for decadence but two is fine. Ours were frozen and as cheap as chips from Lidl!!! Yes Lidl OMG fill your freezers!)

Two cooked lobsters
Two tins plum tomatoes
Double cream
Olive oil
Fresh basil
Cherry tomatoes ( on the vine if possible)

Fry a small shallot and two cloves of garlic in olive oil . Add the tinned tomatoes and salt and pepper. Reduce. Add half a dozen basil leaves and blend with a stick blender. I prefer a finer smoother sauce for lobster. You may keep it rustic if you wish.

Cook tagliatelle and give the fresh vine tomatoes a blast in the oven to soften and sweeten .

Add a generous glug of double cream to the sauce until a rich coral colour . Now add the lobster and warm through .

Toss in the cooked tagliatelle and stir through through the cherry tomatoes .

Garnish with the lobster shell and a little torn basil. Add a crack of black pepper.

Most recipes call for parsley.

Using basil will rock your world!!!


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