Spotty article


Darlings, when flicking through Porter magazine one was overjoyed to see rather a lot of spotty hosiery.
Cripes! One remembers dotty legs in the 80s and the revival certainly got my attention. So much so that one immediately bought and wore a pair.


If the advertising couldn’t convince us , the celebrity endorsements most definitely could!!



Word to the wise girls, don’t post a picture of yourself in tights on Instagram. Unless one is the glorious and leggy Rosie Londoner who’s adoring fans ( and I am one) look forward to posts of those fabulous pins!!
I dared to do such a thing and was immediately dropped by a couple of dozen female follows! Sob!
One didn’t think ones stems were THAT bad?

I think mine were Wolford


They had them in M&S and also my

I’m going back to posting pictures of the spaniel .
Rotten bloody lot.


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