Ring the changes

Darlings good morning!!! A happy girl wakes to the sweet scent of bedside roses and wakes from her slumber to a cup of tea.

When you find a husband like mine KEEP HIM!! Unless he is indeed mine, then in that case you can jolly well send him back.
Who on earth would make the tea??!!

I suppose one could consider ringing the changes and get another poor dolt to brew? One does get rather used to spoiling.

At the East Wing the menu has become a trifle predictable. Firm favourites have become dull and lacklustre and a tweak or two is needed to satisfy the palate .

As you know darling ( and ones waistline can attest) one is a pasta fiend. Quick and comforting rather like their men. Another dish is needed to bolster ones repertoire .


Roast chicken tagliatelle ( Nigella)

Simply TOO delicious!!

So simple but yummy. Roast a chicken with salt and pepper. Soak 1/2 cup of sultanas in warm water for 20 minutes.
Toast 1/2 cup pine nuts.
Mince finely 3 sprigs of rosemary.
Cook tagliatelle .
When cooked remove chicken from carcass and chop ( including skin) into bite size pieces.
Use the chicken juices and sticky pan to make sauce adding sultanas , rosemary and pine nuts.
Then add in chicken and tagliatelle and chopped parsley.




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