Suits you.


Darlings do you borrow from the boys? Yours truly is an absolute horror . I sleep in my husbands shirts , pinch his cufflinks and bag out his jumpers in all the wrong places.
He in turn swipes my hair spray , fake tan, deodorant , socks, my beautiful silk ties and my superior cufflinks.
I’d say we’re pretty even.
If he was a foot shorter I’d be ” sharing” more of his wardrobe.

Thankfully dressing like one of the boys has always appealed to moi. A pinstripe , a waistcoat , a tie. Fabulous!!
Sling a fur lined overcoat over your suit and be slick in the city .

Ralph all the way.

Just because you look GREAT in his gear does not mean he can rock a frock. And if he tries bin him.


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