Cake face


Darlings, happy Sunday.
It’s rather quiet here. No lawnmower in the background. No screeching children. No tv. Not even a honking peacock. Blessed peace.

I will enjoy it while it lasts.

Is it wrong to have cake for breakfast?
Why I’m asking is ( as afore mentioned) and is well documented I bemoan the fact that my husband is a feeder. Hence ones girth.
My sister is husband free and as thin as a pin. You see where I’m going here? Before marriage I was wonderfully trim too.

If someone goes to the trouble and kindness of cooking, I will eat.
Now my mother in law ( who is also stones lighter since the sad loss of her husband) is also feeding me.

Jam tarts, scones, rock buns. You name it.
I have now got CAKE FACE.

This has got to stop .
All carbs give me swell.
But cake extra luggage also.
Damn it.

Tracy Anderson fitness guru to the stars ( Beckham Paltrow et al) apparently can tell if you have been eating carbs by your face.

I agree!!!!


So from this day forth one is dropping the cake.
If that means putting the chain on the door to stop future deliveries so be it.


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