Pen to paper

Good morning darlings , sunny and sensational!!! Breakfast outside if you can! As women we will probably be answering emails, feeding children or adding to our ‘to do’ lists. They just get longer and longer don’t they?

Having checked my Instagram feed a lovely pic ( with the cutest dog called Ninja) reminded me of the first little gift my handsome husband tossed in my direction. We were friends, it was Christmas. A bottle of Creed Fleurissimo and a white patent Smythson diary and notebook. What a clever chap!

Anyway, to my point. Do you write darlings? Not emails/blogs/texts.. LETTERS. Exactly.

The only letter one writes now is usually in the form of a thank you note for a lovely evening. Everything else is done via a computer or handheld device. Gah!


My first ” decent” writing paper was Bond St blue and came from Smythson . I still adore it. Even though the Nile blue is lovely I find it a little dark for my taste.

Mr. Lee still pops into Smythson for a diary or notebook occasionally . The last little something was a hot pink address book. They are all sweet and make darling stocking fillers or birthday gifts. Or even something simply to make one smile.


Although this one is probably more apt.


Wishful drinking..

Yes . One does a lot of that


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