Stuck in a rut?



Darlings are you? Stuck in a rut that is? I am. Always have been. They say we stick to the era/time/period where we were at our happiest or was it our most beautiful? There have of course been modifications and updates along the way and a few Tony and Guy shockers/fringes but mostly one reverts back to to familiar and comforting styles. Both in the home and on ones back.

Daughter no.3 came home from sea and ‘ needed’ a fancy dress costume. It was an 80’s bash. Now I jolly well know because I was there and I am still there the second time around. In fact apart from extra timber and wrinkles one feels and dresses mostly the same.

Of course one doesn’t wander round in a CHOOSE LIFE t shirt or wear blasted leg warmers . At 45 it would be sad. What has remained is the glamour and polish of the 80s before grunge set in. ( and bare legs)

It was smart. Ok so it was OTT. So what? J’adore OTT. One has found ones groove.


Princess Diana 1987
I would love this. For the races, for Church, one would wear it to go shopping at a push.

I still go out in the evening in a little black body con dress with a tailored jacket complete with shoulder pads . The hair is not as high or as lacquered and the blue mascara has been banished.
My blazer still has brass buttons and is double breasted ( all the rage again according to Times Style) and even the occasional earring hits gigantic 80s proportions.

Reading in last year it appears that interiors are revisiting that period too. People are wanting lavish again. Excessive window treatments and brass( instead of chrome) fitments.


It’s Dynasty all over again.


I’ll drink to that.

Perusing the Daily Mail this morning there is a picture of a very pretty girl from a place in England called Towie.
Apparently she is wearing an 80s style dress


Close but no cigar. Maybe the pretty girl shops in Victoria’s Secret?


If you want 80’s spots then look no further..


The Wright way is not always the right way.

Enjoy your weekend darlings xxx


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