Rise and shine


Good morning darlings, or is it? One has never professed to being a morning person . A light and bright start helps but so does a cup of tea brought to me by my husband. It is the first thing I miss when he is away.

Mr. Lee maybe slow but at least he’s willing. What a gem. Thank goodness one of us can function with the lark .

We have all seen it in the press the mustard sofa kitchen photo op with the Prime Minister and before that his wife. Loving a good snoop one noticed that the over priced high end gadgets had been replaced by something altogether cheerier.
Naturally I am wanting to do the same.


Not for the label conscious dear old Kenwood but it certainly brightens up a dark corner.

Who needs yards of chrome and a Gaggia!


Yes another whim but an affordable one. Now how often can one say that?


And the espresso is being ditched. Filter coffee, a lovely huge pot of it will be gracing the breakfast table . This got 5 stars on Amazon.
Who am I to argue?

P.s if la Beckham is dressing Harper in yellow then you know it’s cool.


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