Wear and tear


Good morning darlings, or it was before one looked in the mirror. Cripes! Granny always used to say ” gay nights make for sad mornings!” Unusually one is hangover free , tell it to my face.
It still hasn’t woken up.
Dehydration is a terrible thing and not taking ones make up off is worse . A death mask does nothing for an Egyptian cotton pillowcase. Even if those face wipes feel like the equivalent of jif sorry cif they are better than nothing. Kept by the bed in an emergency naturally one is usually to squiffy to remember/use.

So what’s a girl to do. Go for a run? That will certainly put the roses back in ones cheeks but alas the dog ate my trainer/homework .
Start by drinking liquids. Bloody Mary’s work for me, jam packed with vitamins.
Then take the sad face one went to bed with off! So what if they have now invented make up that lasts for days. Yuk!
It used to Eve Lom . Those were the days. More money than sense. Now it’s Liz Earle. Cleanse tone and polish.
It revives. A total convert. Then a splash of cold water and a bucket of Clarins beauty flash balm. Add a fair amount of touché éclat , top it off with a powder blue jumper ( try it super flattering when jaded) and ones good to go.



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