Darlings, do you watch the tosh that is the RHOC? Don’t . It’s like crack. I have friends ( intelligent cultured professional) that series link ALL the housewives. Now that’s commitment . I jump in and out. Naturally with most things one has their favourite show and housewife . Some I can take or leave. I’m a massive Heather Dubrow fan. Classy, bright, sharp wit. Fabulous home and married to a plastic surgeon . SCORE!


I think depending on character and personality it is easy to show more than one would want to . My least fave by far is Vicki Gunvalson . Any woman who can SCREAM her point aggressively will never get my vote . It is not attractive. I sincerely hope that she stops making everything about her or leaves the show. It is uncomfortable to watch. Anyone that says ” I am a nice person” generally isn’t . It’s for others to say.
It’s not all bad. Having ( her words) her face remodelled and her home I have something good to say…
I LOVE her hand painted wall!!!!





Inspired by a vintage Fortuny fabric.


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