If it makes you happy

Darlings , we all know a little bit of what you fancy does you good ( don’t take that too literally Mr. Lee) and I am definitely the type to splurge rather than restrict, my figure is testament to that.

Everyone is cutting back here, cutting back there and to put it bluntly most have turned into miserable sods.
I am not spending another night with someone drinking tonic water or having another breakfast with the ” just a black coffee” brigade. What’s the point?

I have been trying ( and failing) and trying ( and failing) to lose weight myself. Having dropped half a stone my husband and I were invited to our F.Fs ( fabulous friends) for dinner. Losing a little timber was the perfect preparation for what we had in store.
It would have been rude to refuse. It was made with love FOR US. What looked like a buffet for 12 was actually our pre starter. PRE STARTER. Gulp!

Whilst there the beautiful hostess ( who is as slim as a pin) gave me some sage advice. During the week, in her own home she cuts back. Even though her husband is an amazing cook she politely declines and reminds him that he likes her to look trim. Gently and kindly and without fuss or a big deal. Then with guests for dinner she can let her hair down with no restrictions or guilt. Everybody’s happy .
I agree ,who cares ( or sees)what you do behind closed doors. In public PARTICIPATE or don’t go. Simple.

Our pre starter

Love you guys!!


Have a fabulous weekend.


Mrs. Lee


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