Good morning darlings, one look in the mirror told me everything I needed to know. Today is not a model day, it is a stay at home and hide from the world kind of day. Badger’s derrière .

When one is puffy it’s really for the best.


It’s a two way street but how come when we are looking fabulous there is no one around to capture it?

Talking of twigs, Mr. Lee and I nearly came to blows a couple of weeks ago. No, one wasn’t wearing a red puffer jacket at the time but one had just spent £30 on some twigs. Gone are the days when twigs came from Argos and twinkled with fairy lights. Mine came from a swanky florist ( who doesn’t know what to charge ( Mr.Lee’s words) and were wrapped in brown paper .
” I thought you wanted flowers” him
” these will last longer” me
” but they’re sticks! ” him
” they are blossom branches ” me

Naturally the twigs look fabulous and follow the oriental theme in the drawing room.

Our F.F’s ( fabulous friends) R & M made something spectacular at Christmas. A canopy of branches to dine under.



So incredibly stylish, but they ARE a very stylish pair.

If twigs float your boat darlings maybe these are within the realms of possibility ??



Twigs really can be a class act. Especially without the earmuffs.


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