Mrs. Lee is back. Darlings, have you missed me? Too long simply too long. Such a lot has happened.
What about this weather? Cripes! How one melts in the sun. The disgustingly dashing Mr. Lee could pass for a Sicilian. I could pass out.
Extremely hot & bovvered.

Pregnant ladies are hoping for cooler temperatures and rain, as is our lawn. Parched doesn’t come close.
The Duchess of Cambridge will be glad to be shot of her sweaty hosiery and welcome a Royal babe. Quite how the girl with detach herself from them is beyond me. Don’t mock , yours truly suffers when parted from Wolfords when the seasons change. Wearing two pairs to bed is also a useful contraceptive.

Our thoughts are with them both. Wishing them luck and joy on this momentous day.

The world is waiting.


Let the pacing commence.

How exciting.



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