Darlings don’t you just love Dolly??

This morning in the Mail one was comforted to see that my husband is not the only one with a disgracefully untidy desk. Sometimes it spills over and the only outcome will be him shifting to another table ” where he can work ”
Tidying it is obviously not on the cards and after the last time I neatened the mess the poor dolt couldn’t find anything.





A problem in even the very best homes.

One still lives in hope that ones beloved will file, shelve or bin the majority. At least so there is room to plonk a vase or a cup/glass .


Office envy.


Homework heaven. Surely in an office this great ones work would improve?


Unless it’s useful or beautiful or inspirational it has no place on ones desk.


A darling touch, a pot of personalised pencils. Why be dull, instead of Tom, Dick or Harry why not ; Darling, handsome or beautiful?
Who wouldn’t want those ?


From http://www.gltc.co.uk


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