Body rock

Good morning darlings, grey, foggy, soggy and that’s only moi. Where is Spring with its clear bright and crisp days? This is not what it says on the tin.
Ones sparkle is fading along with ones hair colour.
The same can’t be said for Ms. Moss.


Only a waif or a model or a rock star ( or one married to a rock star) could get away with it. This is a party for Paris fashion week, what did you expect her to wear?
In a room full of models and model lovers a girl must pull out all the stops.
Kate rocks!! Always has, always will.
Who cares if off duty she can look as rough as the rest of us, isn’t that why we love her?
The ability to ” scrub up well” ?
Her nonchalance is key. On anyone else this get up would scream desperate .




Hell to the no, darlings this ensemble comes with a health warning. Only Britney can do TOXIC.

If in doubt fling a tux jacket over the top. A girl needs somewhere to put her Marlboros after all.




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