Darlings one was feeling rather melancholy this morning , it’s daughter no.1’s birthday and as she lives too bloody far away one can’t spend it with her. It sucks rope .
One has to make the best of these things. Cracking open the Champs naturally.
What would I want?? Her to still be at home under my feet? Not likely. Our offspring must be confident and enquiring and have wonderful lives to live. Not be held back by some clingy mother who wants things to stay as they’ve always been. Selfish creatures.
Fly little birds fly!!!!


Snowdrops delivered . First brought by granny when her first great grandchild ( my daughter) was born, clutched to her breast in a cut glass vase. Poetic non?

Sent now by post from http://www.cornishflowersdirect.

Ones mood may be blue but one must count ones blessings.

Today the window cleaner didn’t catch me in my drawers!!!

A blessing.


Simply not worth it chum.


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