A clear winner



Darlings , one is utterly shattered. Mr. Lee could have woken the grave with his howls, moans and teeth grinding. Fingers crossed for an easy day and a peaceful night.
Do you have any design tricks ?
One thing I have learnt over the years is that rugs are anchors. Set them beneath a dining table or under seating to define spaces and zone areas. Another trick is when space is at a premium make things disappear . If only that would work with husbands.


Currently at Chez Lee we are without a dining room. That is not to say we don’t have a dining table, we do, 2. One in the sitting room and another in the kitchen. What we are lacking is space . The solution is not to block the eye with a heavy cumbersome chair but to take the eye through it. Ghost chairs are just the ticket and have been en vogue for a while. With good reason. They fit the bill perfectly.



Modern, chic, unobtrusive . They fit into either contemporary or classical homes.




Outside living in small places.

Darlings I know you will find it hard to but up until a couple of months ago I was an Ikea virgin. I kid you not. After fruitless and countless visits the only things purchased have been hotdogs .
Then some charming glass dinnerware was spotted.


Even with 8 place setting the effect is still light and magical.


It looks vintagey Frenchy pretty, what’s not to love?
The price will kill you darlings !!!
Buy it in bulk while they still have it.

Filling the cupboards as we speak .


Très jolie non ?



From notonthehighstreet and on ones list!!!!
Candlelight , bewitching, flattering and oh so subtle . A little like moi.

On a good day.


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