Kitchen supps


Darlings it snowed again during the night, the Bay trees were toppled and ones leg was wet this morning. That was because yours truly sleeps under a sky light which my plank of a husband must have opened without my knowledge . If I get a chill he’s for the high jump!!! Rheumatism at the very least one suspects!!

Friends and I have been bemoaning fancy shmancy food of late. Only yesterday an F.F said ” I’m simply not into that foamed , jellied, water-bathed, twice cooked malarkey ”
Who can blame her? Once the novelty has worn off what’s left?
Something in edible mostly.
A lot can be said for good old egg and chips.
Of course darlings, one is a lover of fine dining. What a treat!!! But not every night. Sometimes all one fancies is beans on toast .


Omelette aux fines herbs

Jamie Oliver


• 2 eggs, at room temperature
• A small handful of chopped mixed herbs, such as chives, tarragon, chervil and parsley
• A large knob of butter
• Crusty bread, to serve

1. Break the eggs into a bowl and whisk lightly with a fork. Add the chopped herbs and season with salt and pepper.
2. Heat the butter in a 23cm nonstick or cast-iron pan over a medium-high heat until foaming. Once the foam dies down, pour in the egg mixture and gently shake the pan to distribute. Cook for 20 seconds or so, until it begins to bubble, then draw it into the centre with a wooden spoon and shake the pan again to redistribute the uncooked egg. The omelette is cooked when the base is set, but it is still slightly runny in the middle (unless you don’t like that). Remove the pan from the heat and fold 2 sides into the middle. Shake the pan so the edges roll together then turn the omelette onto a plate, folding it over in the process. Serve with bread.

A Chef isn’t worth his salt if he cannot produce a good omelette .

Herbs make everything better.


Missing Christmas spruce ?
I am darlings, this herb wreath will console.


Something slightly wilder will look wonderful around a glass storm lantern and smell fabulous too!


Kitchen supps at its best.



Enjoy the snow, it will soon be SPRING



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