Gone fishing

Good morning darlings, isn’t it frightfully cold? Maybe it’s time to invest in a vest?


Not enough panache?

Apparently they are far warmer than regular vests, something to do with trapping air..


With this cold spell yours truly can’t be prised from ones Wolfords for love nor money . One has been counting down the days since the last hurrah of Summer.
Mr. Lee is unconvinced. Where as I like a dark opaque casing for ones pins, ones husband prefers something sheer.
Not altogether realistic.
Something that looks rather like support tights ( What does he know?)
doesn’t float his boat .
Having put ones claws through a fabulous pair of patterned 80den Falke only this morning. This doesn’t look good.( nor did I when tummy control tights were mistaking put on back to front, ignore all Christmas photos. Flat bottom alert.)



Fishnets .

Tricky to get away with at a breakfast meeting as they look like you have dashed straight from a lovers’ arms or worse still a Rocky Horror performance.
However, after 6.00pm delish!


Ms. Beckwith getting it right. Nothing at all to do with her having a very good looking, sexy, Italian husband.


Kylie convincing us that baggy ankles ( and bottoms) are a thing of the past.


Yes, you do look ” FIERCE”


A legal firm actually banned fishnets from the office. Can’t imagine why.
Obviously not a fan of Chicago .


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