Addicted to love


Good morning darlings , are we ever happy with what God gave us? Is one ever satisfied? When it comes to being shallow one was 2nd in the queue.
My husband was first.
Being born with fair skin, blonde hair and blue/grey ( more North sea than Caribbean)eyes one used to wish it away and want dark glossy locks, skin that tans and the ability to rock a red lip.

Think Robert Palmer video.



Of course one can wear an LBD,black hosiery and a sullen pout.
One has spent half ones life doing just that.
Cheryl addicted to love Cole got my wish. A shame she didn’t wish for nicer shoes.


Straight out of a R.P video.


Monica Bellucci can work this look as can Zeta Jones.

I, I’m afraid can not.

You might as well face it .


2 thoughts on “Addicted to love

  1. oh myyyyyy! just discovered your blog and felt like I had visited a soulmate – obsessed with robert palmer and his videos, and his video vixen’s and his video vixen’s make up, still…

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