Good morning darlings, dreary weather. Have taking to dressing for every weather eventuality by piling everything on at once and carrying the rest.
The added inches are less than flattering.

This is not going to beat us, take an umbrella and sunscreen with you at all times and leave a coat in the car.

The wretched weather is one thing but the wretched woman wearing hideous overpowering scent in the bank is quite another. Eeuurghh! One is seriously contemplating showering although with another downpour looming the ” jobs a good un”


Suffered and repelled in the 80s, haunted and sickened by it in the 90s. One has thankfully not been in close counters with it for over a decade.
One trip on a plane with it permeating the air scarred one for life.

One man’s meat is another man’s poison? Absolutely . Daughter no.2 has a passion for ghastly scent too . One walks around with a cup of coffee beans to relieve ones nostrils.


Poison should be drunk not worn.


Any good murderer worth his salt knows that.

For those with a gentler constitution and not a taste for the macabre

A simple decanter engraved with poison of ones choice.


LSA decanter personalised from http://www.cgegifts.co.uk

Hemlock or Mother’s ruin?
Name your poison!


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