Good morning my darlings, blue skies nothing but blue skies. A spring in ones step. A lifted mood, a great start… ish.

We have a deal, my husband brings me a cup of tea every morning in bed.
It works quite well. My side of the bargain is
1) I am gracious and greet him and the day with a smile ( or a hangover )
2) I don’t kill him for stepping out of underwear/shoes and leaving a path of destruction in his wake.
One also makes more than enough cups during the day to warrant an early pass.

Sunday or holidays sometimes call for a little more.
Breakfast in bed perhaps.?



Today however is not a holiday or a Sunday so imagine ones surprise at being woken with a bacon sandwich.
Ahh…. Am I complaining?
Of course. Quite aside from the fact that one is slimming and on a carb reduced diet( dreaded blood pressure)
The house now stinks and the kitchen is covered in grease.
Marvellous. Great start. Bleach/dishwasher heaven. The smell continues .


A sweet little tray from the hand picked collection


In raspberry from next.



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