Big girls don’t cry


Good morning darlings, one is trying to resist ones breakfast of choice. Toast with Cooper’s Oxford marmalade.
Misery. This high blood pressure lark is already dull. A banana it is.

Having carried extra lumber for a while one is finding it très difficult to get into the mind set.





Ever the optimist


Ones poster girl.

This fitness lark does not come naturally , in fact if there’s a trick or a short cut or better still if someone could do it for me then sign me up!

The lovely Denise is sporting a rather fetching pair of workout pants. All the rage in the States. They promise to tone taper and reduce ones tree trunks.
Yes of course a pair has been ordered.


Zagorra fitness pants. Tall claims. Apparently they make one sweat A LOT. Joy.
Rather like a wet suit and a little tricky to get on. They come in a multitude of colours.


One may stick to black.

Big girls do cry.


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