Pink to make the boys…


Darlings Vorders is at it again. One will be jolly glad to see the weather turn ( what weather???) then the woman may pop on a jacket to hide something .. Anything. What’s wrong with a cardigan?


Listen, one LOVES C.V. She’s brainy, she’s friendly, she’s…. Erm … Full of it!


Yes, we love that she has curves, yes, we love that she loves her curves too. However a zip can only take so much.
Why must she always buy a size too small.?
Of course if we wear a 12 we buy a 12 but even if it doesn’t fit??
One has fallen fowl to this conundrum a number of times. A size up can make one look like a sack of spuds ( heaven to have a seamstress to dart and delight) a size too small and one is verging on Mae West territory .

““I like my clothes tight enough to show I’m a woman, but loose enough to show I’m a lady.” Mae West

Poor old Vorders has the knack of making a dress look cheap. Any dress, even one with a hefty price tag. Ms. Beckham must be wincing every time Countdown Carol steps out of the house.

One has been desperate for a fabulous pink frock but the only one that appeals continues to sell out.


Delicious??? Matches haven’t been able to get enough. Roksanda Ilincic is hot hot hot.


Even the Aintree Massive haven’t been able to stem the flow.

Alas, the market has now probably been saturated and any Tom, Dick and Coleen will have one.


Roksanda? Or The Pretty Dress Company?

Enjoy a hot pink fling.

( The Pretty Dress Company)

Just try to avoid naked flames ( and footballers naturally)


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