Desperate times.


Call for desperate measures. Darlings one has been existing on crap eaten on motorways for over a week . It looks like it too. Getting home late and armed with takeaway is all one can muster.

What is a girl to do when a friend/neighbour swings by for a glass of plonk? Panic?
Of course there is always plonk but not a twiglet to be had. Soaking up booze is necessary if one doesn’t wish to feel woozy after the second glass.

One doesn’t stick fast.


Avocado toast.

Yes of course if one was doing a vegetarian appetiser then one could tart it up considerably. French bread? Rocket or herb garnish? Sliced radishes. This was not for a dinner/cocktail party. This was an emergency.

Yes I know it’s not exactly Cordon bleu.
Seeded bread ( to be toasted)and an avocado was all there was, that and cat food. Now there’s a thought.

Anything can pass muster if served on a silver tray.


Squidge, season, and squirt on some lime.

That or go hungry.


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