Everybody out!


That’s it darlings, Mrs.Lee is on strike!!
One won’t be stepping foot in the kitchen again. It’s all very well having a man that cooks, (apart from the devastation he leaves in his wake and ones ever expanding waistline )
However if the fool dares to criticise ones wife’s cuisine and capability then there’s going to be trouble.

As he thinks his is better than mine then the answer is simple. He can get on with it.

One has better things to do.


It is unkind to take anyone for granted.
One has always been extremely grateful when ones husband has gone to the trouble of preparing a meal and even if it’s not brilliant one has gushed with praise and thanks.

Mr.Lee is currently receiving a taste of his own medicine and would have rather had Michael Winner at the dinner table prodding and poking than moi!

” Darling? Did one rinse the capers? No? That accounts for the overpowering taste of vinegar.. ”

If you can dish it out?

We will be dining out tonight as both of us are not willing to cook.

Stalemate .


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