In the nude


Darlings nude is flattering, easy and barely noticeable .
Do you step out in the buff?
One does frequently, something that doesn’t take a lot of thinking about .
My choice, tried and trusted.


As a Pigalle lover the flesh tone temptress will also have a place in ones life.


Let’s look at the evidence.


Eva rocking the nude patent. Yes it is known to elongate the leg and yes it is the perfect tone for Ms.Longoria’s pins but one would have preferred her in a strappy satin or sparkly sandal. Cripes! She is on the red carpet after all.


Darlings, one is seriously in love with this shoe, oh oh oh, but for the Golden Globes? In satin maybe?


SEX(y) Louboutins on the pretty sexy Kate Upton.


The invisible shoe to draw attention away from très ugly feet.


You know where I’m going with this.


Enough already !!! One is sick to the back teeth of those L.K Bennett nudes. If ones gets ones hands on them they will be thrown on a bonfire. Love Kate love her frocks lose the shoes.
Yes they are useful, yes they go with everything, yes they’re comfortable .
They do everything you need a pair of shoes to do but averagely .
Bin them tout suite. You deserve better and have everything at your disposal. Yes you like to give them a second outing but when the dress is wanting/begging for more please please please give it more!

Thank goodness that mostly us mere mortals can wear a nude with a bare leg. The poor Royals can not. Kate usually wears the perfect shade and denier of hosiery , some do not.

Pale ugly support tights suit no one.





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