Hotel service.


Good morning my darlings , what a joy to be woken with a bright and glorious day. Grey is chic in ones home and on ones back but enough already.

This joy didn’t last long. Why does one have to be greeted by socks and pants en route to the bathroom?

Question; is there something in a man’s make up that inhibits using a laundry basket? Either the offending articles are stepped out of next to the bed or close ish to the laundry basket but not in it!
Wet towels are bad enough but underwear?? Really?

This is not a Hotel.

Monday morning bed stripping? ( underwear chasing) at least beckons a fresh as a daisy bed( bedroom) for tonight. Fresh linen cannot be beaten.
The best thing about staying in a Hotel are the beds ( and the bar)

Apparently Hospital corners, a high threadcount ( Mr.Lee has snubbed bed linen before now that isn’t fine enough for his skin, I married J. Lo) and a spritz of water or linen spray to keep it moist are the key.
Getting in first to enjoy it is a pleasure.


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