Dearest darlings, another dreary , dismal,dreadful day. Made worse by seeing a couple of recent photos of one looking less that swell. Boo!
Usually one has to suffer that added torture of some sweetie tagging you in said horror and letting the world ( or select friends)see you in all your splendour. Gormless expression, double chin, wrinkles, pimples de rigueur .

Mr. Lee is devastatingly good looking. Sickening in fact ,but one has prided oneself in scrubbing up not too badly.
Oh how the tide had turned. Tis a cruel fate this ageing game. Smoke and mirrors have long since been the name of the game, is it time for more?

Peut être ?

Look at poor old Judy ( Finningan) maybe they too were well matched in the beginning, it is a slippery slope to Oldbagsville.

I am Judy. Let’s look at the evidence, or destroy it. Better still, tamper with it.
It has been going on for years in celeb land. You can’t tell me that Ms.Moss looks 15 in the flesh?

There is a God, airbrush away and make a girl feel/ look better .
Yes, it’s sheer vanity.
Would you keep your wrinkles and crepey neck or have them removed with a click of a button?


Jilly Johnson with hair and makeup


Jilly Johnson with MAGIC.

Where do I sign?


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