Stepford or otherwise.

Darlings before we all join hands and scream!!!!!! Hear me out.
Aren’t we all a little bit sick of fellow females telling us to dress for ones husband?
Well I jolly well am. Are we in Stepford? Is it the 1950s? Have we not other talents as well as a brain?
Cripes ! Another has certainly got ones goat in the Mail today . It smacks of jumping on the Samantha ” I am beautiful” Brick bandwagon and call me an old cynic but maybe Helen K.T is looking for the same notoriety perhaps?
Doesn’t she get enough attention from her husband?? Golly.

The point to this darlings is although one actually prefers to smell nice ( who wants to stink), have clean hair( of course dirty hair is le pits!) and also wear a heel ( dumpy in flats is not an option) my husband of course prefers the same . ( he can’t walk in heels)
I do not like to be told by anyone especially not on the same team that if one doesn’t my husband may look elsewhere . As may I !

Dressing for dinner ?
Well given the choice yes, every night? No. Sometimes a bowl of pasta in front of the box will jolly well do. With or without shaven legs.

Another point, make up.
Yours truly is most definitely dans le maquillage camp. Crikey! One could frighten the horses, let alone ones husband.

I’m afraid that Mr.Lee is even more shallow than moi. One has ascertained that over the years the majority of rows were when one was not looking ones best.

Maybe there is something in it?

Maybe not.

One may also choose to ” fix” ones husband a drink.

Well if I’m having one anyway it would be rude not to.

Ms. Moss has said that her husband does not want her to start dressing like a wife.

It depends on whose wife.



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