Flipping ‘eck

Darlings good morning, sun sun sun. One should be super happy. The sun I’m afraid is not my friend and one spends as much time out of it as in it. Oh to have olive skin.

One presumes that flip flops are extremely tasty . Why you might ask?
Well mine appear to have been eaten!!
Turfing out the bottom of the wardrobe from hell and nothing. Even resorting to excavating the garage of doom….
One lonely yellow flip flop . So where are the others and his friend?


Flip flops of choice.
Havaianas. Always.


There’s a jolly good reason why the A list with their pots of money turn to an affordable option. They are the best. Light and bouncy. Who doesn’t want to bounce?


Ok, C list too.


The ” Supers” ( supermodels ) think they’re super too. A life in heels warrants comfort when kicking back.


Killers curves but not feet that kill.
Makes sense, non? Beach babe without the blisters.


Jen lives in hers, obviously there aren’t any flip flop eating monsters in California .


For Sloanes.


For rock chicks


Pour moi!


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