The sun has got his hat on.

Hip hip hip hooray.
Good morning darlings, did you know Inverness was hotter than Ibiza yesterday? Golly, how are those pasty face Scots going to manage?

Having a pasty face oneself it is tricky getting enough joy and exposure out of the day without ending up in A.&E .
My sister on the other hand can bake for England without a bun in sight.
Brown as a berry in 10 minutes flat. Sickening.


If the sun so much as looks at me one withers. Far better suited to sitting under an umbrella/in an air conditioned bar with a tall drink.

Having a hat handy can save one from passing out and getting freckles/wrinkles. As you know darlings, any excuse for a hat.


The Panama.



A Summer essential, great legs help.


Celebrity favourite.


Mr.Connery looking dapper.


Ms.Spears looking crapper.


If the classic Panama could ever be improved, one would give it a larger brim. 7 inches of shade, wonderful for garden or beach and super for Henley.


And forever


The best there is.

At least you’ll know where to find me.

Under a hat/in the bar.


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