By the sea

Glorious sunshine my darlings, whilst others are jetting into Nice..


Luggage envy.


Spot the Italian husband with his casually draped jumper.

Another F.F will mostly be enjoy this


The closest poor Mrs.Lee is going to get is this;


As soon as the sun comes out my husband takes his top off.
Which results in this;


Soft tops are for girls with short hair or for Grace Kelly who never went anywhere without her headscarf. One would rather look like a Rod Stewart impersonator than someone about to collect her pension. Yes darlings, it is a fine line.

A short while later we had the place to ourselves.


Not a soul . Maybe the hair scared them off?


Fish and chips de rigueur . Naturellement .


Having always been a Magpie girl one took a leaf out of the dish that is James Martin’s book and sold our soul to Trenchers and had the haddock .
One must always listen to James. When it comes to food he knows what he’s talking about.


Blue skies.


Amor Lux, the perfect Breton.


Rather sums up the day.

From The Nautical Company.


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