Darlings, one has never felt the need for belts. Unless they are to hold up ones jeans. They give you a break in the middle which sometimes is not incredibly flattering.

Think Vorders and sausages.



One went POP!! And the other went BANG!!!!

However nonchalant one feels about being pulled in with a bit of string or a Jimmy Choo belt there is a jolly good reason why one avoids. Being short of waist is reason good enough add to it a heavy chest and avoidance is better
Being trussed up like an old bird.

Say nothing.

If you are slim as a pin and straight up and down the belt is your saviour!
I kid you not.


Keira, wearing a belt to perfection. This gal ain’t no guy.

Of course fit as a butchers dog Middleton rocks many a belt.


Ever shrinking, this is not an illusion dress. Enough already.


Jimmy Choo, dressing up rather a dull dress and adding interest. Bravo!

At least one can wear the shoes.
Thank heavens for small mercies.


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