Darlings mon petit mistake.
The chopping variety.
On a recent shopping trip my husband and I were deliberating . Why oh why would anyone find it necessary to have a 20 minute conversation about a chopping board is beyond me. We need one ( another ) we see one, we buy one.
That was until presentation came into it. Oh how simple it was before those chefy types started to serve food on slate,wood or anything other than a plate. Fond memories of scampi in a basket excluded. Now they are to be multi purpose and pretty enough to show at the table.

Case in point. A couple of lovely neighbours and I went for a delightful lunch. One usually orders terribly badly so one perused the room.
Sold! One wanted whatever came on THAT board. Simple. It could have been an old boot with gravy. Who cared.


The Yorkshire mans platter. Made even better with chutney , horseradish and the best salad dressing one has ever tasted.


Steak, chips ,burgers are all winners on a board.


A mini copper saucepan . A must have.
Don’t you just love anything doll size ?


Mr.Lee makes homemade pizza ( from scratch) it tasted so much better on a board and has that rustic touch. Perfecto !


Très cute. Golly, now where can I find teeny tiny chopping boards for individual slices?


What boards were made for . Even I have never served it on a plate. Always add green. Whether in the form of herbs, apples ,leaves or grapes.


A nice bunch of rocket,watercress or basil would make this platter infinitely more appetising.


A snackette?


A deconstructed caprese sandwich . One would add a petit bottle of olive oil to drizzle for perfection .


The bar has been raised.


Et voila!!
My husband always buys the biggest thing in the shop.
One should not complain.
This also goes for diamonds.

Bon appétit

As it’s breakfast time. A bacon sandwich ( on a board naturellement) would not go amiss .

Have a splendid day darlings x


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