Pins to be proud of?

Darlings if one could have one wish for the Summer it would NOT be for a tan ( they come from a bottle) it would be to have pins to be proud of.

Blast the Summer. It the Winter one is perfectly happy giving the illusion of slim legs as they are clad in black opaques. Of course they have been taken to the Wolford cemetery and now one is at a loss. Now darlings one doesn’t have the dreaded cankles but ones thighs really shouldn’t see the light of day.
Trim shapely legs are everywhere. Caroline Flack is known for her uniform of shorts and of course her dalliance with a boy from some band or other




To be perfectly honest if mine were in that kind of shape you’d be sick to death of seeing mine too.

When does one stop wearing/hoping to wear ???
Pammy is still at it. The face is iffy but the bod is still hot.


Lovely Kylie of gold hot pant fame hasn’t stopped either, will she ever??


There is still hope. If Ms Winslet can rock a short then us mere mortals are in with a chance.


Of course Gwyneth even on a bad day is enough to make one sick .


They’re the ones I’d like for my birthday. Legs and shorts.

If you have legs that ARE short my darlings simply follow Eva and match a heel to a leg to a short.



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