Darlings, Barbara Cartland the Queen of bodice rippers and pink. Throw in a pooch and a penchant for blue eye shadow and top with a trunk load of aquamarines. Ta da!
Oh she of spidery eye lashes… Lover of men.. Lend me your coat.
No need darlings. One has been channelling B.C and bought ones very own .


The Audrey from L.K Bennett.


You’d be hard pressed to tell us apart.
I’m working on the jewels.

Mr.Lee and I seem to be in competition when it comes to acquiring coats. Another day another coat, why others choose to freeze is beyond me.

Take those ” ladies” at Aintree.


Not a coat or a pair of tights between them.

Let’s hope they were wearing their vests.

B.C certainly had something, bewitching more than her fair share of suitors.

“Men have always made a fuss of me. I still have several admirers who send me jewellery and chocolates. So I must be doing something right” – at the age of 96.

I wish.


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