Good morning darlings. Unseasonably warm non? Yesterday my husband and I enjoyed a rare weekday lunch together and the city was awash with glorious sunshine and multicoloured strides.

What a colourful day, one felt decidedly dull in a uniform of navy blue ( both of us) and was in need of tangerine clad legs to perk up ones ensemble.


A huge fan of ” Preppy” Gwyneth does it pour moi. Slim pins look delicious in every colour of the rainbow. A blazer helps balance if ones thighs are not quite perfection. Always a fan of tailoring. Always forgiving.

What hue are you ?


Everybody’s doing it darlings.



Accessorise much????
Cripes!! It’s the 80s all over again.
Don’t be afraid of colour but do be afraid of accessory overload.


Mummy K. Take note.

Red and teal seem to be winners in the colour stakes . When in doubt buy both.


A F.F deliberating…. You know you want them.

Treadmill inspiration.

Of course our beloved Kate takes all her fashion advice from my husband.




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