Villa blanca

Good morning darlings. A gentle rise into a pale grey day. Subdued as ones mood. Tread softly .

As you may have gathered my darlings one watches a small amount of tv but when one does it usually comes from the states and is a shallow half hour alone time from the world and usually ones husband. You know my penchant for all that is Cougar ,well my other guilty secret is the car crash that is The Housewives of Beverley Hills.

Laugh you may. One is not contrite .
There is even a good old ( hard to tell) Brit in the mix. Lisa Vanderpump. My favourite . Wit on a stick. Always surrounded by roses, dogs and the perfect lighting. Of course.

Simply divine. Penned by the charming and glamorous restaurateur a guide to elegant entertaining.


A lover of pink and S&M ( smoke and mirrors) Vanderpump charms and delights. She hilariously has a page entitled ” The Queen’s English”
For those that don’t know what;
” snog – to kiss someone, although frequently it means a bit more, what you ( the Yanks ) would call ” making out” means.
” shag”- very simple, it means to have sex.

If ever one manages to get rid of ones children ( check) animals ( too sad)and husband ( très difficult) one would have a villa blanca. All things white and wonderful .


L.VP at her chic Beverley Hills eatery Villa Blanca


Pasta sauce should not be ordered .


A dream to wake up with the sound of the sea instead of Mr.Lee with his moanings and teeth grinding with the beach as ones garden. Bliss . Pale hues and crisp cotton.


A fairy tale slumber. Men would hate it. Women would swoon.


Pale dining.


One afternoon walk with Boobie ( King Charles) and it would never be the same again . Paw prints galore and tears ever after.
This is a wish list darlings. Not reality.


Leave ones wellies / dogs/ children with sticky fingers at the door.


Having always had a crap kitchen now I know I’m dreaming …..


You know me darlings, one never could resist a spot of bling.

Have a dreamy day.


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