Good morning my darlings, birdsong although beautiful might have waited for another couple of hours.
The usual bedtime antics (pet/husband) were negligible countered with smart new bed linen, one can’t complain.

One has always been a champion of white, and ALWAYS on the bed. Of course my husband is the exact opposite ( really?) and has pushed and pushed until good sense ( mine) and a strop (his ) has made us occasionally reconsider.

Crisp, fresh and white aids for restful slumber but as soon as the pets dance around on it one wonders was the effort all worth it? Muddy paws are not conducive in my plight or argument .

My husband won, this round.
Even though it was his second choice( I of course chose white!) he was going to have us sleeping in what looked like a blood bath/bed and reminded him of the red in red bed from Home Alone. You see , this is what I’m dealing with.



A murder could take place and who would know???
There’s a thought.

Thankfully there wasn’t a complete set in the size required so blood letting will have to put on hold for another night.
One eventually managed to steer the darling towards something less festive.


Befitting of a gentleman’s club, would Ralph have it?? I jolly think so .


The Ralph way.

Of course one must buy some dashing pyjamas too.


Just the ticket, from Dote. One has always been a sucker for piping.

Mr.Lee of course wears a suit to bed( goodnight consists of a firm handshake) but may be convinced into a pair of these.


From Turnbull and Asser.

What a lark.


3 thoughts on “Bedlam

  1. I do hope the lilac won, Vampires in your bedroom would be thrilled with the blood red, the lilac is simply ‘adorable’….my deepest sympathy to your husband, how men just dislike losing out to the wife.The lilac is inviting and calm.

    • Oh I’m afraid it isn’t lilac but Navy blue so not exactly calming. Rather like sleeping at the office but preferable to the vampire set .
      Have a lovely weekend.

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